Wik & The Fable Of Souls

Wik & The Fable Of Souls

It's a delightful game featuring superbly detailed graphics
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It's the latest game craze taking the Internet by storm! Pack your things and take a journey through Wik's magical world full of enchantment and allure. Bound and swing through forests to collect shiny coins and precious gems. Wik has over 120 jaw-dropping levels, thrilling ambient music, exciting effects and never-before-seen game play. It's a delightful game featuring superbly detailed graphics that will keep you spellbound and in your seat.Wik and the Fable of Soul 1.0 is a fun arcade game developed by Reflexive Entertainment, and published by WildTanget. The game takes place in wik´s magical forest. Wik is an acrobat who lives in his magical world full of allura and cool surprises. He has a super tongue swinging skill that allows him to get food, and collect money from the air. Wik can also jump really high and catch his enemies.

Your task is to complete wik´s story. in order to achieve that, you will have to follow some instructions the game will give you. If you do not know how to do it, do not worry, the game will provide you with hints in order to make your work easier.

In order to pass from one level to another you have to pick up grubs, and pass them to Slotham. The grubs are all over the game field and you have to get a certain number of them according to what Wik is asked to. In the upper right corner of the screen there is a guide key that shows how many grubs you have, and how many you need to get to complete each level. Slotham is Wik´s friend, he saves the grubs you pick up and keeps them to go forward. Slotham walks to right edge to the screen looking for honey, once he reaches the edge he will not come back and you will lose one life, you have to prevent him from leaving by finding him some honey until you have taken all the grubs you need. If you lose a life do not worry during the game you will see coins floating on the air, to catch the coins you only need to touch them with any part of your body and when you reach one hundred of them you will get an extra life. Help Wik and you will find out a secret about him.

This application has over 120 levels and comes in two modes: normal and insane. It provides you with a nice looking interface, good sound and video quality, and a cool soundtrack. It is a good option for people all ages, and those who like arcade games and adventure stories.

Operating System requirements:
Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista

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  • Nice Looking Interface
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